Credits taken from "You Learn Something New Every Day", Season 1, episode 30, 30th episode overall.


Created by
Mitchell Kriegman

Written by
Noel MacNeal
Peter Lurye
Tyler Bunch

Directed by
Lisa Simon

Produced by
Richard A. Fernandes

Line Producer
Sally K. Cohen

Noel MacNeal

Also Starring
Peter Linz
Vicki Kenderes-Eibner
Jim Kroupa
Tyler Bunch

Lynne Thigpen
Tara Mooney
Patricia Rodriguez
Jon Ludwig

P. Kevin Strader
Andy Yerkes

Associate Producers
Kimberly L. Maisel
Stacey Adams

Associate Director
Dean Gordon

Assistant Directors
Eugene Meienhofer
Jason Horn

Stage Managers
Anne Louise Wallace
Ric E. Anderson

Production Designer
Cabot McMullen

Supervising Music Producer
Peter Lurye

Post Production Supervisor
Erica Levin

Muppet Designer
Paul Andrejco

Jim Henson's Muppet Workshop
Ed Christie              Kip Rathke
Christine Moyes         Tim Miller
Connie Peterson Fred Buchholz
Larry Jameson    Larry Galanter
Mary Brehmer         Rob Gardner

Segment Producer
Ilene Merenstein

Shadow Puppet Segment
Jon Ludwig

Art Director
David Ellis

Lighting Designer
Randy Nordstrom

Graphics Designer
Cathy Hundt

Par Surasaksin

Production Coordinator
Richard Buhrman

Script Supervisor
Lindsey Aikens

Script Coordinators
Susan Kopensky
Samantha Osby

Samantha Osby

Ken Sirulnick
Rob Hall
Marybeth Benivegna
Jim Snarski

Post Production Team
Lisa Binassarie         Ilene Merenstein
Michael Orloff              Lesley Stewart
Freddie Hernandez Lesley R. Stewart

Sound Design
John Alberts
Chris Floberg

Production Accountants
Dominique Bruballa
Maria Marini
Joyce Hsieh

Production Staff
Katya O'Hagan Terrence Reid
Jim Calcaterra Jason Arambulo
Susan Kopensky Hope Allen
Chad Cruikshank Jason Bliss
Madeline S. McEneney

Dara Resnik Eric Handler
Carrie Gillen Neil McNally
Michael Schupbach Mike Meere
Phil Alcabes Matty Randazzo
Tom Guadarrama Jim Washburn
Jack Cooke Keith Conod
Katya O'Hagan Jim Calcaterra
Kimberly L. Maisel Bruce Dunkins
Jennifer Weil Bethany Berry-Weiss
Chad Cruikshank Honey Trabitz
Bill Griffith Karyn Kaplan
Marc Delforte Jennifer C. Brooks
Erin Slattery Kevin Romaine
Frank Biondo Bob Lewis
Eric Levy Mark Katz
Peter Hefter Victor Smith
Eugene Meienhofer Jason Horn
Mike Scricca Bill DePaolo

Production Assistants
Chad Cruikshank
Honey Trabitz
Bill Griffith
Karyn Kaplan
Marc Delforte
Jennifer C. Brooks
Erin Slattery

Assistant Accountant
Mike Meere

Assistants to Producers
Katya O'Hagan
Jim Calcaterra
Kimberly L. Maisel

Key Production Assistant
Bruce Dunkins

Assistants to Art Directors
Jennifer Weil
Bethany Berry-Weiss

Technical Director
Phil Alcabes

Matty Randazzo
Tom Guadarrama

Jim Washburn
Jack Cooke
Keith Conod

Kevin Romaine
Frank Biondo

Bob Lewis
Eric Levy

Mark Katz

Peter Hefter
Victor Smith

Eugene Meienhofer
Jason Horn
Mike Scricca

Props Constructionist
Bill DePaolo

Technical Team
Dan Stewart               Pat Minietta
Larry Solomon               Jim Scurti
Matty Randazzo          Jack Cooke
Keith Conod            Jim Washburn
Peter Hefter                Victor Smith
Brooke Haznedar           Mark Katz
Tom Guadarrama       Phil Alcabes
Christien Methot       Bobby Vazac
Bob Lewis                  Jerry Cancel
Eric Levy                Shawn Harkins
Jay Kulick                 Bob Haggerty
Andrea Curtis Jim Calcaterra

Pat Minietta
Jim Scurti
Bob Haggerty


"Welcome to the Big Blue House"
Music and Lyrics by
Bill Obrecht and Peter Lurye

"What's in the Mail, Today?"
Music and Lyrics by
Dave Kinnoin & Peter Lurye

"You Can Always Learn Something New"
Music and Lyrics by Steve Charney

"Where Oh Where Oh Where Is Shadow?"
Music and Lyrics by
Tyler Bunch

"The Grandma Mambo"
Music and Lyrics by Peter Lurye

"Everybody in the Tub"
Music and Lyrics by Brian Woodbury

"The Goodbye Song"
Music and Lyrics by Peter Lurye

Music Score by
Peter Lurye

Model by
Peter Wallach
Mike Sullivan

Taped at Lifetime Studios
in New York

Executive Producers
Mitchell Kriegman
Brian Henson

Shadow Projects

Jim Henson Television
(c) The Jim Henson Company MCMXCVII

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