When Bear Met Uncle Jetter
Season 6, Episode 18
Vital statistics
Air date April 27, 2011
Written by Andy Yerkes (and Co-Producer)
Directed by Tom Guadarrama
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
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When Bear Met Uncle Jetter is the 18th episode of Bear in the Big Blue House Season 6, 218th episode overall.

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It's Foundation Day at the Big Blue House and Bear spends a little me time watching Fraggle Rock with Tutter. The signal goes out and Tutter becomes outraged. Tutter grabs a hammer didn't believe that Uncle Jetter is coming when Bear does is watch TV; so Tutter smashes Bear's flatscreen TV with a hammer, Bear sends Tutter by the sink which he can't make friends with Ojo or Treelo at all.

Uncle Jetter has invited to Bear and meets Ojo and Treelo who are playing a game with Christine which Tutter can't make friends earlier, and Uncle Jetter had reenacted the Civil War of Mattresses.

Next, they came over to meet Pip and Pop in the bathroom. Pop had dropped in the soap in the tub, and Uncle Jetter reaches it to grab the soap, but can't. Bear stacks on top of Uncle Jetter and grabs the soap. Bear realizes Uncle Jetter had three soaps a day. Now Pip and Pop can have fun in the tub again.

They exit the bathroom and Shadow tells him and Uncle Jetter tell a story about pioneers as tall men which they survived.

Uncle Jetter tells Bear it's time to leave, which he'll meet you again tomorrow. Tutter comes in and Bear says he can now make friends with them.

At night, Luna told Bear about the day Uncle Jetter came in to visit them (except for Tutter who smashed the TV) on Foundation Day.

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Upstairs Hallway
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