What's Mine is Yours is a song taken in the episode of the same name, Songs by Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye, Score by Julian Harris and Peter Kiesewalter.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

You wake up in the morning

And the morning that you see

Well, it's the very same morning

that shining down on me

Cause mornings belong to everyone

and to no one at all

Like the rain in Spring

The snow in Winter

And pile of leaves in the fall

What's Mine is Yours

What's yours is mine

You can share the world, come rain or shine

We don't even have to try to make it true

What's yours is mine

What's Mine is Yours

We're in the same boat

Let's share the oars

You know we'll go much faster if we do

And I love it that I share the world with you

With your family, you can share your meals

Your dog can share your bed

At 27 guys can share a name if they're all named Fred

With your brother, or sister, you share your Mom and Dad

And It's great to have a friend to share the Good Times and the Bad

What's Mine is Yours

What's yours is mine

You can share the world without even try

The rainy days, the sunny skies of blue

What's yours is theirs.

What's theirs is ours.

The Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars

You know there's nothing I would rather do

That share this great big wonderful world with you

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