Welcome to Woodland Valley
Season 2, Episode 46 & 47
Vital statistics
Air date January 16, 1999
Written by Mitchell Kriegman (and Created by)
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman (and Executive Producer)
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
Adam Matalon (Stage Manager)
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Welcome to Woodland Valley is the 2-part premiere of Season 2, and the forty sixth-forty seventh episode of the "Woodland Valley" trilogy debut appearance.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A tragic event has happened in Woodland Valley --- a tree has fallen and ruined part of the village library. Everyone's upset about it, but the entire Woodland Valley Community is pulling together to help out. When the kids of The Big Blue House, including Harry the Duck, find out, they decide to help in their own way. Viewers explore more of Woodland Valley than they've ever seen before, visiting the Library, the Post Office, the General Store and the Mouse School that Tutter will be attending, among other locations. The plans are coming Together for a potluck dinner Bear is holding. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells and reads the story about a village where the people were hungry. A wise woman said well make a stone soup. Everyone will get Together at The Big Blue House, eat good food and talk about solutions to fix up the library. The kids are hard at work collecting books to restore the library's collection. And Doc Hogg is getting down to business as to just what to do about the tree currently occupying a large portion of the library. He wants to remove it, chop it up and use it for firewood to heat all of Woodland Valley, but Ojo makes a discovery that changes the plan --- a couple of The Possums living within the tree.

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Bear's Senses of Smell[edit | edit source]

  • Sugar (Part 1)
  • Trees and Sunshine (Part 2)

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Kitchen Wall

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There are nine song artists at the end during the credits.
  • The Goodbye Song has a eight clip montage instead of four.
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