Transcript taken in "Wait For Me", Season 2, episode 43, 83rd episode overall.


Welcome to the Big Blue House, What's That Smell? and Ojo's First Day of PatienceEdit

Welcome to the Blue House

Hello from the small Mouse

Things to do

fun for you

Howdy from the big Bear

Want some fun

Here's where

just for you

all is new

In the House of Blue

Lots of room at our House

Catch the Moon at our House

Kitchen's here

Bathroom's there

Attic's Full of stuff here

Pillow's Full of fluff here


Just for you

In the House of Blue

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Big Blue House

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Big Blue House

Door is open

Come on in

Now you're here

So Let's



{After the title card is shown, Ojo approaches the mailbox next to Bear's front door. Ojo places it inside and walks away.}

(door opens)

Hi there.

Come on in.

What's That Smell?

It's you.

Wait, Worth the Wait and What Do You Think?Edit

Bear: (realizes the word doesn't come in and calls)

{The word "Wait" appears in 4 yellow letters.}

Bear: "Wait."

{An animated carriage of two horses appear, passing right in front of Bear.}

{Animated balloons show up in front of him.}

{The song "Worth the Wait" begins.}

Wait for the fruit to ripe it

or the pot to boil it

or the cake to rise

Still waitin' till the storm blows over for those clear blue skies

Keep on waitin' till the weather's pleasin'

Waitin' til it's fishing season

Waitin' for that fish to take the bait

It might be a while

But it's Worth the Wait

(Hmm. Shouldn't be long.)

Waitin' for your bedtime story

For that sleepy feelin'

For the moon to rise

You're still waitin' for that birthday party

to get a big surprise

And if you can Wait a little longer

till you're bigger, older, stronger

you'll tie your shoes, you'll ride a bike, you'll skate

It might take a while

But it's Worth the Wait

And by then you'll might have more

New things you're waitin' for

To find out what's in store

it's always Worth the Wait

it's Worth the Wait

All you have to do is Wait

Hurry up and Wait

(the song ends)

But What Do You Think?

What have you waiting for?

What Do You Think?

Tutter Waits for the Frozen PopsEdit

{Camera close-up shows Bear's stomach}

{As Bear reaches something in the fridge, Tutter enters.}

Bear: {hits his head on top of the fridge} Ow! {rubs his head} You made me hit my head, Tutter.

Tutter: Sorry, Bear.

(Bear places the pops in the fridge.)

Tutter: Get it? Cheesy fruit pops!

{Bear places an alarm clock on top of the fridge.}

Bear: The timer to tell you when to come back.

Tutter: (leaves) See ya later, Bear! oh boy, what an education!

Bear: Okay, Tutter. See ya later.

Shadow's Twisted TaleEdit

{Suddenly, Bear heard a laugh.}

Bear: Did you hear that? That sounded like Shadow. (hears another laugh and puts his own hand in his ear) That's Shadow alright. And it sounds like she's upstairs. Come on. Let's go find her.

(Cut to: Upstairs Hallway)

(Shadow stands under the lamp in the hallway wall, when she sees Bear going upstairs.)

Bear: (to the audience) Now remember, if we look real hard and sing our song together, she might appear. Ready? ♪ Oh, where-oh-where oh where is-- ♪♪ (realizes that Shadow already appeared under the lamp in the hallway wall) Shadow?

Shadow: (laughs) I've been waiting for you, my fuzzy old friend.

Bear: Really? Well, I'm sorry, Shadow. So, um, what have you been up to today?

Shadow: Oh, I was just taking a nap in the Shadow of a tree. (lays down)

Bear: (sighs) That sound relaxing, Shadow. Well, do you happen to have a story for us today?

Shadow: Indeed I do, Bear. (stands up) And Wait till you hear this one. Just watch.

(glitter background)

Shadow-She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes *the 3 sing* She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes *the 3 sing again* She'll be coming around the mountain, She'll coming around the mountain, She'll coming around the mountain She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes *the 3 sing again as well*

Wolf-Well, is she coming or not?

Man 1-Telegraph from text.

Man 2-Ah, text. I'll take that. *reads it* Coming round the mountain next week, sorry for the wait, love, Mom.

Wolf-I'll be doggone.

Moose-Guess we'll have to Wait.

Man 2-Yep.

Wolf-Got any cards?

(glitter background)

Bear: Wow, that was great, Shadow. Um, Shadow, did she ever come around that mountain?

Shadow: Actually, Bear. She did. And she had quite a tale to tell. But that's another story. Well, I must fly, but if you can't Wait for another story,

Bear: Mm-hmm?

Shadow: just try and catch me.

{Bear and Shadow laughing}

Bear: Thanks, Shadow! Bye-bye.

Ojo Becomes Depressed About Uncle Koala / Meets Pip and PopEdit

{Cut to Ojo sitting on the doorstep. Ojo is feeling lonely about Uncle Koala.}

Bear: Hey, Ojo.

Ojo: Oh, Hi, Bear.

{Pip and Pop approach Ojo sitting on the doorstep.}

Tutter Delivers the Ice Pops During the MomentEdit

{Cut to: Living Room}

Jeremiah Tortoise Delivers a Package / Ojo Becomes a CowboyEdit

Ojo: Hey, guys.

Luna Tries Waiting / The Goodbye SongEdit

(Night falls in)

{Cut to Bear sitting on the stair steps at night.}

Bear: (sighs) Wow. This has been some Day. Mm. Let's Go up and tell Luna all about it. Come on. {Cut to Bear visiting the Attic.} Ah, The Attic. I just love it up here. It's one of my favorite places in The Big Blue House. Want to know why? Because there's so much neat stuff up here. Oh. Like this. This is my old Yearbook from when I went to Hazelnut High. Wow. This bring back memories. You know I was most likely voted to cha-cha-cha. Yeah, The Attic is just full of so many good memories. It's also where I come up to talk to my old friend Luna and tell her about my day. Come on, let's go find her.

{Cut to: Attic - Outside: Bear finds out that Luna is still here.}

Bear: Oh. Good evening, Luna.

Luna: And good evening to you, Bear. (chuckles) So tell me, what happened in The Big Blue House today?

Bear: Well, we did a lot.

Luna: Oh.

Bear: But it took a while and a lot of waiting.

Luna: Really?

Bear: Mm-hmm.

Luna: Why was that?

Bear: Well, Ojo was waiting for a package from her Uncle Koala and Tutter couldn't Wait for his cheesy fruit pops to freeze.

Luna: Oh. My goodness, Bear. That was a lot to Wait for in just one day.

Bear: (laughs) You can say that again.

Luna: But you know, Bear.

Bear: Hmm?

Luna: I Wait for a lot of things. I Wait for spring flowers, I Wait for the winter storm and every Day, I Wait for my old friend Ray the Sun to go down so I can rise.

Bear: Wow. Well, Luna, before you go, would you join me in singing The Goodbye Song?

Luna: Of course, Bear. It's what I've waited for all day.

(They sing The Goodbye Song, it shows a four clip montage)

Bear: Bye, now. (Luna rises up and Bear heads back to The Attic) Well, thanks for visiting The Big Blue House. I hope you had fun. (turns off) Oh. (turns back on) And by the way, Please come back and visit soon, because I can't Wait to see you. Bye-bye. (turns back off)

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