Thomas and the Magic Railroad teaser trailer launched in July 26, 2000. This was both Narrated by Eric Idle in the UK and Jim Cummings in the US.


TV SpotEdit

(Logo shows Destination Films plastered on a train)

VO: Get ready for an ultimate family adventure.

VO: Of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Coming soon.


Rolling Into Theaters EverywhereEdit

(Logo shows Destination Films)

(Sparkles appear randomly around the screen until a tunnel is zoomed in)

Eric Idle and Jim Cummings: This summer: Take a magical trip to a world unlike any enchanting place where adventure is only a whistle away. (shows Thomas pulling Annie and Clarabel) Destination Films presents: Alec Baldwin, (an image of Alec Baldwin is shown) Peter Fonda, (another image of Peter Fonda is shown) Mara Wilson, (another image of Mara Wilson is shown) and Thomas. (Thomas appears frantically)

Thomas: Little engines can do big things.

Diesel 10: (menacing Thomas slowly with his claw) Things are gonna change round here, puffball.

Eric Idle and Jim Cummings: Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Rolling into theaters everywhere July 2000.

VHS and DVDEdit

(Commercial shows Thomas puffing away from the DVD case and the VHS case)

(Music: The Locomotion)

Mr. C: All aboard!

VO: Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

D10: Get out of my way!

VO: It's magical.

VO: It's fun for the whole family.

VO: It's the first feature film where Thomas comes to life!

Thomas: Little engines can do big things! {Mutt barks}

VO: Full steam ahead to your video store and buy Thomas and the Magic Railroad. {Thomas puffs inside the circle under the logo}


Stone: Well done, Thomas!

VO: Buy it now on VHS and DVD!

List of VHS and DVD AppearancesEdit

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