The Little Mermaid is taken from "Do Your Thing" from Season 9 told by Shadow.


{story begins}

Shadow-The Little Mermaid swam across the sea

Mermaid-I'm a mermaid. I live in this beach!

Shadow-She saw a boat and the boats three

{boat horn blows}

Shadow-She realized there are only four boats

Mermaid-Only four? But I took the first one!

Shadow-Something called Flounder that bloats

{fish gulps}

Mermaid-At least we can be friends!

Shadow-But the mermaid realized the boat was wrecked

Lobster-The boat was wrecked!

Shadow-She looked in the mirror to reflect

Mermaid-Maybe my hair looks good as new to me.

Shadow-She looked at the streams

Mermaid-Look, another boat! He's waiting!

Shadow-And she found the man of her dreams

Man of Her Dreams-You can call me Eric, my lady!

Mermaid-Oh, I wish I had a fortunate soul like me.

Man of Her Dreams-A soul like you, I'd say.

{story ends}

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