The Great Bandini
Season 4, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date November 13, 2001
Written by Claudia Silver (and Co-Producer)
Lindsey Aikens and Chris Hoey (Script Supervisors)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
Richard A. Fernandes and Erica Levin (and Supervising Editor and Post Production Supervisor) (Produced by)
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman (and Created by and Executive Producer)
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
Tom Guadarrama (Technical Director)
Peter Hefter (Audio Engineer)
Pat Minietta (Camera Operator)
Jim Washburn (Utility)
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The Great Bandini is the 11th episode of the 4th season, 131st episode overall.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Bear and his friends from The Big Blue House are on their way to attend a performance of the famous musician, the Great Bandini. All of them are in awe of the Bandini's skill and on their way, they meet somebody headed to the concert --- Edwina Badger. Edwina Badger The Great Bandini helps them all to see the musical talents that they also possess. They learn that there are all sorts of ways to make music and that the voice can be a powerful instrument. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow's Song of the main idea is called Jazz.

Songs[edit | edit source]

Bear's Sense of Smell[edit | edit source]

A Piece of Toast for Breakfast

Credits[edit | edit source]

The Great Bandini (Credits)

Shadow's Appearance[edit | edit source]

Downstairs Hallway with Guy and his Horse on Yellow Rooftop Portrait

Guy and Horse on Yellow Rooftop - Enhanced.PNG

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