The Frog Prince is the story told or used by Shadow taken from 38th episode "What's the Story?" from Season 2 and "The Fairy Tale Ball" from Season 3. In her twisted version of a fairy tale, a princess grants the frog a wish for a golden ball. When they got to the castle, the king announces to give a frog her reward, and keeping a promise is high. At the end, a princess is now a Frog Princess, which are married.

Voice Roles[edit | edit source]

The Whole Story[edit | edit source]

(Story begins)

Shadow: There once was a princess
Who played with a ball of gold
It fell into the well (A gold ball falls into the well) Though deep but so cold

Princess-What am I to do? I'd loved my gold ball.

The Frog Prince-I can help. Although, I'm so small!

Shadow: The frog went into the water with a mighty leap
And swam into the bottom so very deep
He found the ball
And brought it to the top
The princess was overjoyed, she almost could pop

Princess-Oh Dear Frog, I'll grant you any wish.

The Frog Prince-Let me be your friend or let me eat you from your dish.

Princess-Ugh, this I cannot do!

Shadow: Off she ran back to the castle

The Frog Prince-I'll have to go after her. What a hassle.

(the Frog Prince starts following the princess)

(a knock of the door makes raspberry sounds)

King-Huh, who could that be?

The Frog Prince-Aha! It is me, the Frog Prince comes for a wish. For helping your daughter, I want one little "kish".

Princess-I'll go away, get out of my sight.

The King-Now daughter, you'll do what it's right: a promise you made. Is this true?

Princess-Yes, but what am I to do?

The King-You must give this frog for her reward, keeping a promise is not so very hard.

Princess-You don't have to kiss him. (leans in)

Shadow: As soon as her lips touched with

(a sound of smacking is heard)

(a scene shows a flower pot next to a vase on the table and the background spins)

Shadow: The room spun around with a bang and a whiz
And before anybody knew
There on the table sat not one frog but two

(the princess is released into a frog too)

Frog Princess-Now that I see you more from eye to eye, you're kind of cute and that's no lie.

The Frog Prince-You're a knockout!

(Story ends)

Score played in the segment[edit | edit source]

  • Raspberry sound effect (mock of a knocking door)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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