Stone Soup is a made up tale told by Shadow in three episodes, the second part of "Welcome To Woodland Valley", "Making Dinner in Woodland Valley" and "Cool Twists".

Voice RolesEdit

  • The Villagers
    • Villager #1
    • Villager #2
    • Villager #3
  • Wise Woman


Shadow: (narrating) The villagers were hungry
They started to groan...
Villagers: We're hungry!
Shadow: (narrating) When the wise woman said...
Wise Woman: Let's make a soup out of stone.
Villager #2: A stone soup? Well, there's nothing to eat!
Wise Woman: Ah, give him a chance. They'll make us a treat.
Shadow: (narrating) One for the kettle
Another some wood
Villager #1: Ah, look at this firewood I got here!
Villager #3: (grunts) I got my heavy colonel..! {crashes}
Shadow: (narrating) One for the water
Wise Woman: That's being really good. What else we got?
Shadow: (narrating) One for the potato
Another for peas
And other for tomato
Wise Woman: Oh, well maybe a tomato. This worked it out. Well, this soup's beginning to look good to me.
Shadow: And as the day went on, each added to the pot...
Wise Woman: We may have much to when we shared, that's a lot! (chews it with a spoon)
Shadow: (narrating) And soon that it was even a soup made of stone
They're all done up to something for us.
Wise Woman: There you are, soup's done!
Villager #2: Oh. Thank you.

Sound effectsEdit

  • Piano
  • Crash!

Score played in the segment Edit

  • TBA

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Help Jon Ludwig add the scene with blue water in the pot.


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