The North Wind the Blow is a nursery rhyme or a story told by Shadow in 4 episodes "Change is in the Air", "All Weather Bear" from Season 2, "Bear's Big Holiday" from Season 5 and "Winter Solstice in Woodland Valley" from Season 8. In her nursery rhyme, a robin decides to go ice skating after flying inside the barn to keep from getting cold.

Voice Role Edit

The Whole Story Edit

*The Story begins*

Shadow- (narrating) The North Wind doth Blow

*A cloud blows the wind as the trees and the house are blown*

Shadow- (narrating) And we should have snow and what will the robin do then? *talking* Poor thing. (continues reading) He'll sit in the barn and to keep himself warm and hide his head under his wing. *talking again* Poor thing!

Robin-No way! I'm going ice skating! *shows the ice skating shoes* (Grunts). Yahoo! Hey, look at me! Quadruple Lutz. Yoo!

*The Story ends*


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