Muppet RaceMania Muppet Monster Adventure - Promo (2000)

Transcript[edit | edit source]

(Commercial begins with Kermit playing the banjo in the demo version.)

(Kermit almost ran over until Animal is riding on a race car on Kermit's swamp.)

VO: Muppet RaceMania: {Cuts to six tunnels with six logos} Race through 6 movies and 28 tracks. (A montage is seen playing as a footage.) Stunt courses, battle modes, even adventure modes! {footage shows the Muppets in their race cars} Choose them over 20 Muppets and 20 Cars! {another montage plays including various locations} So much games to play, you got to play fast! {A video game case itself appears in the color changing background.} Muppet RaceMania: Rated E for Everyone. (Another video game case is shown right next to it.) Also coming soon, Muppet Monster Adventure!

Robin: Huh? What's that?

VO: Help Robin save the Muppets in Muppet Monster Adventure!

(Commercial ends with the Midway logo)

List of VHS and DVD Appearances[edit | edit source]

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