Mouse Getaway
Season 9, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date February 28, 2014
Written by P. Kevin Strader (and Co-Producer)
Directed by Dean Gordon
Dan Stewart (Technical Director)
Andrea Giles-Rich and Lisa Simon (Associate Directors)
Adam Matalon (Stage Manager)
Peter Hefter and Victor Smith (Audio Engineers)
Keith Conod, Jack Cooke, Mike Moran and Jim Washburn (Utilities)
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Mouse Getaway is the 9th episode of Season 9, 319th episode overall.


Bear Wakes up in the morning, Tutter has a Mouse Getaway.


Bear's Sense of SmellEdit

Bouquet of Violets


Mouse Getaway (Credits)


Mouse Getaway (Quotes)


Mouse Getaway (Transcript)

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Mouse Getaway (Other Languages)

Shadow's AppearanceEdit

Downstairs Hallway with Guy and Horse on Yellow Rooftop Portrait
Guy and Horse on Yellow Rooftop
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