Monday's Child is the 30th story told from the 35th 1st season episode "Bear's Birthday Bash", "The Big Book About Us" from Season 2, episode 20, "Bear in the Big Blue House LIVE!" and even "Raise 'em Up", season 9, episode 10.

Voice ImpersonationsEdit

  • Far Away Child (Voiced by Jon Ludwig) (Whistles then pants, Whew and Whistles only)

The Whole StoryEdit

(Story Begins)

Shadow: (narrating) Monday's child is fair of face

(child laughs)

Shadow: (narrating) Tuesday's child is full of grace

Ballerina Dancer: (singing then trips over) Ow! Oh!

Shadow: Wednesday's child is full of woe

(An animated image of teardrops can be seen under the child's eye.)

(child cries)

Shadow: Thursday's child is far to go

Far Away Child: (whistles then Pants) Whew! (Whistles again)

Shadow: Friday's child is for loving and giving

Girl: What a good dog! (dog barks)

Shadow: Saturday's child works hard for a living

Mining Man: Yeah! I love digging ditches. Hey! I love it, I dig it!

Shadow: Sunday's child is bonny and blithe

Cat Girl: Hey, Look at me, look at me! I'm bonny and blithe.

(Story Ends)

Sound Effects / Score Played in the segmentEdit

  • What score is it that played in the segment?
  • ???? (Ballerina dancing and trips)
  • Violin (Wednesday child crying)
  • An accordion (Thursday child marching)


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