Credits taken from "Making Dinner in Woodland Valley", Season 5, episode 5, 165th episode overall.


Created by
Mitchell Kriegman

Written by
Doug Cordell
Ellis Weiner

Directed by
Dean Gordon

Produced by
Richard A. Fernandes
Erica Levin

Line Producer
Sally K. Cohen

Noel MacNeal

Also Starring
Peter Linz
Vicki Kenderes-Eibner
Jim Kroupa
Tyler Bunch

Lynne Thigpen
Tara Mooney

Andy Yerkes

P. Kevin Strader
Claudia Silver
Andy Yerkes

Line Producer
Deborah Mayer

Coordinating Producer
James Sabatini

Associate Producer
Stacey Adams

Associate Directors
Andrea Giles-Rich
Eugene Meienhofer

Stage Managers
Adam Matalon
Anne Louise Wallace

Songs Produced by
Brian Woodbury
Peter Lurye

Vocals Produced by
Andrew Wyatt

Score Produced by
Julian Harris

Script Supervisors
Chris Hoey
Lindsey Aikens

Production Coordinators
Kim M. White
Richard Buhrman

Production Accountants
Adam Vitalis
Joyce Hsieh

Graphics Designers
Chris Renaud
Cathy Hundt

Tom Heckbert
Rob Hall
Marybeth Benivegna
Jim Snarski

Post Production Supervisors
Matthew Galkin
Erica Levin

Supervising Music Producer
Peter Lurye

Production Designer
Cabot McMullen

Art Directors
David B. Ellis
David Ellis

Lighting Designer
Randy Nordstrom

Shadow Puppet Segments
Jon Ludwig

Muppet Designer
Paul Andrejco

Jim Henson's Muppet Workshop
Lara MacLean
Anney McKilligan
Andrea Detwiler
Vanessa Gifford
Ed Christie          Mary Brehmer
Christine Moyes         Tim Miller
Connie Peterson  Fred Buchholz
Larry Jameson     Larry Galanter
Rob Gardner

Script Coordinators
Ajamu Walker
Samantha Osby
Susan Kopensky

Booth P.A.s
Kim Delise
Robert J. Lory

Curriculum Consultants:
Harvard Project Zero:
Belinda Basca - Kiki Donis
Stacy Grossman - Tina Grotzer
Jennifer T. Liske
University of Massachusetts:
Dan Anderson

Sound Design and Mixing
Danny Cavacco

Jim Spieler
Dan Stewart

Opening Titles Sequence
and Digital Compositing by
Shadow Digital

Assistant Editor
Bryan Shelton

Music & Lyrics by
Peter Lurye
Bill Obrecht
Brian Woodbury
Tyler Bunch

Music Score by
Julian Harris & Rob Curto

Taped at Lifetime Studios in New York
Digital Compositing Provided by Unitel Video NY

Executive Producers
Mitchell Kriegman
Brian Henson
Margaret Loesch
Alex Rockwell

Shadow Projects

Jim Henson Television
(c) The Jim Henson Company MMII

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