Look Carefully...
Season 4, Episode 36
Vital statistics
Air date May 6, 2002
April 4, 2006 (Reruns)
Written by Claudia Silver
Lindsey Aikens (Script Supervisor)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
James Sabatini (Coordinating Produced by)
Richard A. Fernandes and Erica Levin (Produced by)
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman (and Created by and Executive Producer)
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
Kim Delise and Robert J. Lory (Booth P.A.s)
Andrea Giles-Rich (Technical Director)
Peter Hefter, Victor Smith and Marilyn Vigilante (Audio Engineers)
Adam Matalon (Stage Manager)
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Ojo's Picture Shape Searchers
Look Carefully… is the 36th episode of Season 4, 156th episode overall.
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Bear really needs to Look Carefully. He sees Treelo building a stack of pillows, and Bear realizes that a pillow tower is great. Bear looks carefully by a stack of powers, and realizes there are only three last pillows missing, and Treelo gets the point. He even sees Pip and Pop trying to find a lid on top of a jar which fell down the hole earlier, so Bear tells them to dig it. After Pip and Pop finish digging, they search the empty jar and a lid on the ground, and hands the jar to Ojo, which told Bear that anyone lost the jar lid. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow tells a story about a duck and a ladybug. The story is repeated from "The View from You", Bear heads back inside to see that Tutter is sitting on top of the Kitchen cupboards because he's scared. Bear looks carefully to get Tutter down, and realizes Tutter hasn't done washing the dishes, so Bear can clean them.

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