Little Boy Blue is the 16th song sung by Shadow in the 21st episode "The Truth Starts" from Season 5. In her twist of the rhyme, Little Boy Blue found some sheep and found a pot gold from a leprechaun.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

(Story begins)

Shadow-Little Boy Blue

Boy Blue-Hey hey hey! Name's Little Boy Blue!

Shadow-Come blow your horn

*Little Boy Blue blows his horn letting out a yodeling motion*

Shadow-The sheep's in the meadow


Boy Blue-Hey, are you staring at me? I'm not following you!

Shadow-And the cow's in the corn


Shadow-Where is the pot of gold who looked after Little Boy Blue?

Boy Blue-This is a pit stop.

Shadow-And the whole story is true

Leprechaun-Think you could stop me about all this gold that'd be rich on?

Boy Blue-*sighing* No.

Leprechaun-Right. I bet the pot of gold is going to stay harmful enough. *leaves off*

Boy Blue-Hey! Where are you going? You are no fun enough! I'm after me! *runs off*

(Story ends)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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