Jack Sprat and His Wife Pat Sprat is taken from 2 episodes of the 2nd season: "As Different as Day and Night" and "We Did It Our Way", "A Brand New Game" from Season 5 and "Wheel of Skunk" from Season 7. In her nursery rhyme, a man as a Drill Sergeant narrates Jack Sprat losing weight and become a marathon runner and his wife Pat Sprat becoming a weightlifter.

Voices[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

[The story begins although not in the song, a man approaches the screen.]
Drill Sargent: Hello, and welcome to "Stories of the Incredible Opposites". Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
Jack: I'm on a diet.
Drill Sargent: His wife, Pat Sprat could eat no lean.
Pat: I'm trying to bulk up. [The scene cuts to Jack Sprat doing push-ups. Pat is eating meat with a fork.]
Drill Sargent: And through a strict regimen with diet and exercise…
[Jack stops doing push-ups and lost weight.]
Drill Sargent: …they join the Olympic team.
Jack: I'm now a marathon runner.
Pat: And I'm a weightlifter. Do You Need a lift, honey?
Jack: Yeah.
[The story finishes.]

Sound effects[edit | edit source]

As Different as Day and Night[edit | edit source]

  • Mystery music

We Did it Our Way[edit | edit source]

  • Piano
  • Accordion

A Brand New Game[edit | edit source]

Wheel of Skunk[edit | edit source]

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