It's Great to Be Home is the first song of the premiere episode Home is Where the Bear Is and the other episode Bear Takes You to School.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

In the morning when I wake up

I stretch and shake my head

It feels so great to be in my own bed

Walk to the kitchen

Make my special cup of tea and stop and think

It's so nice to be here in my home sweet home

I've got my favorite chair

Yes, in my home sweet home

All my favorite things are there

Because my home sweet home is so perfect for a bear

Gee, it's great to be at home


I love to sniff my way around my big blue house

Or read a book and sit and talk with a mouse

My favorite bathroom has my favorite bear shampoo

And best of all

I get to spend time with you

'Cause in your home sweet home

I'm sure that you'll agree that your home sweet home

Is the perfect place to be

'Cause it's your home sweet home and everybody knows

It's great to be at home, yeah (2x)

It's great to be at home

Home sweet home

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