If All The World Were an Apple Pie is a story from three episodes.


The Whole StoryEdit

(The Whole Story begins)

Shadow-(narrating) If all the world were an apple pie

Astronaut-*on speaker* Uh... Houston, we got apple pie. *off speaker*

Shadow-And all the seas were ink

*Boat passes by blowing its horn*

Shadow-(narrating) And all the trees were bread and cheese

Professor-Phew, Limburger!

Shadow-(narrating) And what would we have to drink?
It's enough to make an old man scratch his head and think!

*Professor thinks what to do*

*a picture of ink is shown*

Professor-Eww, You can't drink the ink. *disgusted* Can eat the trees, though. *eats the trees* And the ground too. *eats the ground* Yum yum yum yum yum! *scene dissolves one last time*

Astronaut-*on speaker* Uh... Houston, we need whipped cream.

(The whole story ends)

Episode AppearancesEdit

No. of Shot DissolvingEdit


Music / sound effects used in the segmentEdit

  • A guitar (Score played)
  • A boat horn (with imitating)
  • Piano (he can't drink the ink)
  • ???
  • ??? (at the end)



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