I Was Just Thinking
Season 2, Episode 24
Vital statistics
Air date June 30, 1998
Written by P. Kevin Strader (and Co-Producer)
Lindsey Aikens (Script Supervisor)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman (and Created by and Executive Producer)
Phil Alcabes and Dean Gordon (Associate Directors)
Richie Wirth and Dan Stewart (Technical Directors)
Peter Hefter and Victor Smith (Audio Engineers)
Jim Washburn (Utility)
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I Was Just Thinking is the 24th episode of the second season, 64th episode overall.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Bear has received a book of brainteasers and is eager to try some of them. As he tries them out and shares them with the viewers, he finds that the kids of the house are doing some thinking as well. Tutter found a piece of string and is delighted because there's all sorts of things he can do with it. A couple of things he does include using it as a lasso for cheese and as a trail to direct Bear to a present --- his very own ball of string. While out at his favorite thinking spot, Bear talks with Pip and Pop. They try to do some thinking of their own, but can't figure out anything to think about. Bear helps them to see that they are in fact, thinking, and helps them to recap several things they thought about later during the day. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow tells the story about a man in the wilderness. This story is called "How Many Strawberries Grown in Sea?". It finally comes time for a break from all that thinking and Ojo and Treelo decide they want in on whatever fun thing Bear is going to do. It turns out that it's time for The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha!

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Fresh New Clothes

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Rock in The Otter Pond

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  • Tarzan
  • Disney's George of the Jungle
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