I Built That!
Season 2, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date March 21, 1998
Written by Chris Moore
Lindsey Aikens (Script Supervisor)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
P. Kevin Strader (Co-Producer)
Mitchell Kriegman (Created by and Executive Producer)
Directed by Jim Martin
Phil Alcabes and Dean Gordon (Associate Directors)
Richie Wirth and Dan Stewart (Technical Directors)
Brooke Haznedar (Video Operator)
Peter Hefter (Audio Engineer)
Jason Horn (Electrician)
Pat Minietta (Camera Operator)
Jim Washburn (Utility)
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I Built That! is the 12th episode of Season 2, 52nd episode overall.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Bear receives a birdhouse kit in the Mail and he's excited about Building it, but Pip and Pop and Tutter are also excited to make something out of the box the kit came in. After giving the box to the trio, Bear starts to build the birdhouse only to find that Jacques the Beaver has other ideas. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow sings the twisted version of the fairy tale "Three Little Pigs". In Shadow's version, the Big Bad Wolf tries to blow the Three Little Pigs' house down, but turns out the house was made of brick; so he went down into the chimney and lands in the bathtub. In the end of the story, the Big Bad Wolf is dressed in bows even though he is a boy.

Songs[edit | edit source]

The Twisted Fairy Tale[edit | edit source]

Bear's Sense of Smell[edit | edit source]

At the intro during this episode, Bear smells like Waffles.

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Shadow's Appearance[edit | edit source]

Downstairs Hallway with the Guy and a Horse on a Yellow Rooftop Portrait

Guy and Horse on Yellow Rooftop.png

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