It's Kwanzaa Time is a Christmas tale in the first part of "A Berry Bear Christmas" Season 2, episodes 49/50 and "A Really Kwanzaa Holiday", Season 4, episode 19.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Shadow- (narrating) It's Kwanzaa time again this year
Remember your family far this near.

Man-Brothers & sisters, Harambe! Let's all pull it together!

Shadow (and Chorus)-Nine candles had lighten up the way.

Candlemaker-Today's combo is to create an activity.

Shadow (and Chorus)-His fruit and corn are shown in plain.

Clerk-This is fruit and corn taking that.

Shadow (and Chorus)-Stirring can be to prepared.

Man-Mmm, sweet potato pie.

Shadow (and Chorus)-When friends and family come to share.


Members of Kwanzaa-Jumbo!

Shadow (and Chorus)- (narrating) Kwanzaa (Kwanzaa) It's time for you to see.
For your friends (Your friends) and for your family.
And for (And for) your community!

Signing Off Man: Happy Kwanzaa!

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