I've Got Your Number
Season 3, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date October 18, 1999
June 30, 1999 (Reruns during Playhouse Disney's Premiere Marathon)
Written by P. Kevin Strader (and Co-Producer)
Lindsey Aikens (Script Supervisor)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
Directed by Jerry Hibbert
Richard A. Fernandes (and Produced by)
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
Robert J. Lory (Booth P.A.)
Jim Washburn (Utility)
Thomas Ucciferri (Stage Manager)
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I've Got Your Number is the 10th episode of Season 3, 100th episode overall. These are the 100 episodes for the 100th Episode Celebration.

Plot Edit

As Bear readies ten jars of honey to distribute to the residents of Woodland Valley, Pip and Pop are excited about a visit from the cousin Tally. Their enthusiasm is dampened, however, when they find that Tally has a new hobby, counting things, so Bear tries to help them to see that numbers can be fun. Tutter also learns about numbers when Bear teaches him about measuring.


Bear's Sense of SmellEdit

Bear's sense of smell smells like Waffles.
NOTE: Mmm, those Waffles look delicious. It's best to have time for breakfast.


  • This episode has nor a Shadow Segment, not a real kids segment.
  • In this shot, Tutter gets fat from eating all 10 jars of honey in the middle of the night.

Goofs/Errors/Mistakes Edit

  • During the episode, Bear does not want to turn off the kitchen light. Instead, Bear leaves the light on.

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I've Got Your Number (Credits)

3x10 - I've Got Your Number Title Card

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I've Got Your Number (Outtakes)


  • At the end of the episode, during her chat with Bear, Luna comments that "numbers go on and on forever, to infinity and beyond." "To Infinity and Beyond!" was the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, a character in Disney and Pixar's Toy Story series.

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