How Harry Wins the Lottery
Season 6, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date March 16, 2011
Written by Chris Moore
Jason Root
Ellis Weiner
Andy Yerkes (Co-Producer)
Directed by David Gumpel
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
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How Harry Wins the Lottery is the 9th Episode of Season 6, 209th episode overall.


One morning, Bear tells Harry about the news that it's Lottery Day at the Big Blue House and grabs a wallet off the table and shows it to his friends. Ojo questions Bear how he'll get to win the lottery. Harry shows the lottery ticket to Bear and Bear's friends go out on a trip to a tour of a berry picking factory. When Bear finds out Harry placed the lottery ticket in the shredder by shredding it, Bear takes Harry to Lottery Woodland to get a new one. He asked the clerk if the lottery ticket was "11 56 91 20 56", but Harry said Bear didn't ask it. Harry's lottery ticket chooses "50 91 20 88 14" instead. Bear does the "scratch it" challenge with a coin scratching the image which copies itself repeatedly. Now Bear and Harry are millionaires. The clerk comes in and trades the tickets at Counter 7. Bear goes to approach the vending machine room without Harry and looks for Shadow and tells Bear a story about George Washington who made money. He comes back and thanks the clerk for trading the tickets and they rush back home to tell his friends that he traded three lottery tickets at Lottery Woodland.


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