How Can Tutter Need a Hobby?
Season 9, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date March 14, 2014
Written by Lindsey Aikens (and Script Supervisor)
Claudia Silver
Directed by Dean Gordon
Andrea Giles-Rich and Lisa Simon (Associate Directors)
Adam Matalon and Thomas Ucciferri (Stage Managers)
Peter Hefter and Victor Smith (Audio Engineers)
Keith Conod, Jack Cooke, Mike Moran and Jim Washburn (Utilities)
Richie Wirth (Script Supervisor)
Dan Stewart (Technical Director)
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How Can Tutter Need a Hobby? is the 13th episode of Season 9, 323rd episode overall.



Score by Jared Faber & Julian Harris

Shadow's AppearanceEdit

Upstairs Hallway

Bear's Sense of SmellEdit

Just Woken Up Smell


How Can Tutter Need a Hobby? (Quotes)


How Can Tutter Need a Hobby? (Transcript)


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