His Trip to the Moon is the story told or sung by Shadow in the 35th episode "And to All a Good Night" from the 2nd season. This other version from the 20th episode is called "Bear's Book Nook" from the 3rd season. Another version from the 5th episode has nicknamed "Clam Day Afternoon". In her story, a man accidentally hit the switch and travels it. At the end, an alien appears with cheese.

Voice Roles[edit | edit source]

The Whole Script[edit | edit source]

(Story begins with a man seeing the view of the moon)

Shadow-His Trip to the Moon

Clown-Ah, what a lovely moon!

Shadow-Started too soon

Clown-Not soon enough if you ask me.

Shadow-He had an itch

Clown-Oh yeah, that's the spot.

*itches the spot*

Shadow- (narrating) And hit the switch

*He accidentally bumps the switch with his elbow*

Clown-Uh oh. I think I'm in deep trouble!

Shadow-And released the balloon

*The balloon rises into the air*

Clown-I'm on my way now! *flies by the moon and bumps* Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, hittin' a little turbulence here! *lands on the moon on a crash landing* Whoa! *grunts* Well, that's one small step for…. *an alien shows up with a piece of cheese* Oh, drat! There's somebody already here!

Alien-Hello! Welcome to the moon. Would you like some cheese?

Clown-No thank you.

Alien-It's good cheese.

(Story ends of an alien holding cheese to the moon)

Music/sounds played in the segment[edit | edit source]

  • Carnival Music
  • Fax machine

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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