Grow Up, Jack Junior
Season 7, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date November 24, 2011
Written by Doug Cordell
Andy Yerkes (Co-Producer and Producer)
Lindsey Aikens and Chris Hoey (Script Supervisors)
Directed by Dean Gordon
Andrea Giles-Rich and Maureen Thorpe (Associate Directors)
Ric E. Anderson and Adam Matalon (Stage Managers)
Peter Hefter and Victor Smith (Audio Engineers)
Keith Conod, Jack Cooke, Mike Moran and Jim Washburn (Utilities)
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Grow Up, Jack Junior is the 12th episode of Season 7, 232nd episode overall.


When Bear talks to Ray in the morning, he learns that Jack Junior is growing up. Bear is excited that it was Pip and Pop's birthday. Bear spots that Jack Junior is a teenager. Jack Junior had a "bossier day that Floppy Flutter got picked at school" which Bear said that Jack Junior can never be picked on anyone, which means you can be nice and say delightful things.


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Greatest Hits: Vol. 4

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Upstairs Hallway
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