Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday
Season 4, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date October 30, 2001 (Halloween Day)
April 6, 2006 (Reruns)
Written by P. Kevin Strader (and Co-Producer)
Chris Hoey and Lindsey Aikens (Script Supervisors)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
Richard A. Fernandes (Produced by)
Mitchell Kriegman (Created by and Executive Producer)
Erica Levin (Coordinating Producer)
Directed by Tom Guadarrama
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
Bob Salzer (Technical Director)
Adam Matalon (Stage Manager and Electrician)
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Bear's Big Costume Party (Halloween Episode) At the Old Bear Game
Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday is the 9th episode of the fourth season, 129th episode overall.


It's Grandma Flutter's 100th birthday. Bear and the kids of The Big Blue House take some time to reflect on aging and all of the experiences that life has to offer. Ojo, Treelo, Pip and Pop work to decorate the house and prepare for the party, but Tutter still needs to pick out a gift for her. Bear takes him to the General Store, but he's not sure exactly what to buy her. While at the General Store, Tutter learns about some of the wonderful things that his Grandma has done in her life. As he hears more and more, he becomes overwhelmed, until Bear helps him to see how he can work it all into a perfect gift. Bear also plays a game of chess with Doc Hogg. He's not very good, but Doc Hogg helps him to see that he has a lot of time to learn. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow also pays a visit and tells a story about the life of a hammer.




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  • This episode also appears in online listings "Granny Flutter's Birthday".
  • Doc Hogg sings Shadow's song. Additionally, a bit of "Happy, Happy Birthday" can be heard in this episode.
  • The 5th time Bear's friends join Shadow for a story. Even though Bear messed up the song.
  • This episode reruns on April 11, 2006.


  • Some of the experiences of Grandma Flutter's life include playing baseball (disguised with a mustache) for the River City Rodents, starting a women's baseball league, starring in the play Ain't Mouse Behavin', meeting the Dalai Llama (he spits) and being a steamboat captain.


  • This is the fourth episode relating to a character's birthday on the show.
  • Doc Hogg messes up Bear's special song in the key of F.

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