Good Times
Season 1, Episode 31
Vital statistics
Air date October 6, 1997
Written by Claudia Silver
Andy Yerkes (Co-Producer)
Richard A. Fernandes (Produced by)
Mitchell Kriegman (Created by and Executive Producer)
Directed by Lisa Simon
Jerry Hibbert
Hugh Martin
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
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Good Times is the 31st episode of Season 1, 31st episode overall.


Today, everybody wants time with Bear, and he gets the big idea to make a schedule that will accommodate everyone's wishes. Everyone's happy with this arrangement except for Treelo, who's having a hard time waiting for sunset time, his scheduled time with Bear. He even goes as far as to change the clock to make his time come faster! Eventually, Treelo sees the sun - Ray set... right at the end of the day, at the right time.


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Glass of Orange Juice


Good Times (Credits)


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Good Times (Outtakes)

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217 (season 2, episode 17)

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  • In this theme, it is spelt in 4 letters on a red wristwatch. Telling time only includes lunch, playing basketball, and even the time to go to bed.
  • A picture of a cartoon clock shows up right next to Bear when he describes it.

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