Quotes taken from "Falling for Fall", season 1, episode 4.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Bear: {The word "Fall" appears with 4 autumn leaves below it.} Mm. Fall.
  • Bear: Oh, I almost forgot. I guess it's time for me to make like a tree and leave. Ha ha ha. Have a nice fall. Bye-bye.
  • Pip: (regarding Treelo) Yeah, he's fixing the trees.
  • Pop: Yeah, he's gluing the leaves back on.
  • Pip: Yeah.
  • Pip and Pop: And we're helping!
  • Tutter: I don't mean to complain, Bear. I don't want to complain. But, uh, your big old foot, it's kind of in my way. Ha ha ha ha.
  • Bear: Oh, sorry. (moves foot out of the way)
  • Tutter: Thank you, Bear.
  • Bear: (singing) The trees are turning red and gold / Our hats are on, it's getting cold / It's an autumn free-for-all / You gotta love the fall.
  • Bear: I don't think Treelo understands why fall is so exciting. The fall is exciting because it's the time when everything changes. Mm-hmm. The leaves change color and fall. The air gets colder and it's the beginning of fall. Mmm. Fall. It's my favorite time of year, well, along with spring, summer and winter.
  • Treelo: Treelo love leaves! Don't go!
  • Bear: Okay, Ojo, now what?
  • Treelo: Yeah, what?
  • Ojo: Now, well, now we just stand here, like a tree.
  • Bear: Hey, you know, I'm starting to feel like a tree already.
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