Everybody's Afraid of Something Sometimes is a song from Nothing to Fear. Music and Lyrics by Robert & Deena Cole, Music Score by Julian Harris & Jared Faber.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

[Verse 1]

The worm is afraid of the early bird

Bird is afraid of the cat

The cat is afraid of the big old dog and everyone's afraid of bats

Anyone who says they're not as telling you a little white lie

Oh, yeah

Cause everybody's afraid of something sometime


[Verse 2]

Now, late at night

You might think there's a monster under your bed

Just turn on the light and you'll see an old pair of shoes instead

You don't have to be ashamed

Let me tell you the reason why

Oh, yeah

'Cause everybody's afraid of something sometime


[Verse 3]

Now, if there's something scaring you

Tell a friend, that's what they're for

Oh, yeah

'Cause sometimes if you talk it through

It won't even scare you anymore

(That's what I do.)


[Verse 4]

Now when I was a little cub

No more than two or three

Mama said "Son, get in the tub", but the water looked scary to me

Finally, I built up the nerve to stick my furry toe right in and that water felt good


So if you are afraid of something

You might find it turns out to be nothing

It's okay to be afraid of something sometime


(And that's the truth.)

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