Name: David Gumpel

Appearances Edit

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  • Part of Privacy
  • A Restaurant Named Harry's
  • Mud, You Love it Soon
  • The Running Team
  • The Hogulak Mac 2.0
  • Less Than Comic
  • Some Bread News
  • Garbage Wasted
  • Cool Twists
  • The Morning Report
  • In Search of Online
  • Tomorrow Never Ducks
  • How Harry Wins the Lottery
  • The Woodland Valley News Report
  • Return for Rocko
  • Moss Returns (with Dean Gordon)
  • The Anything Box
  • Ojo's Day Off (with Dean Gordon)
  • Flash it Out (with Chuck Vinson)
  • Prehistoric Bear
  • When These Blogs are Made from Blogging (with Dean Gordon)
  • Metal or No Metal
  • A New Doctor in Town
  • Good Options
  • More Smarter
  • No Joke for Jeeter
  • When Bear Met the Easter Bunny
  • Main Bear Parts (with Lisa Simon)
  • Martin Luther Bear
  • First Day at Mouse College
  • The Malicious Journey (with Dean Gordon)
  • Nothing Left to Live For
  • The Mouse Bully
  • Gone Bad
  • Take to Your Hands
  • Scientific Bear Strikes Back (with Lisa Simon)
  • T.G.I. Tuesday
  • Garbage Wasted
  • Otterback
  • In Your Dreams (with Mitchell Kriegman)
  • An Unexpected General Store Visitor
  • Labor Day in Woodland Valley
  • Stressed for Success
  • Last Break at Mouse College (Part 1 of 2)
  • Last Break at Mouse College (Part 2 of 2)
  • Out of Recycling Things
  • President Zone
  • There is No "U" in College

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  • Joy Buddies
  • Pip and the Easter Bunny
  • What a Cheating Mouse
  • In Search of Online
  • Bear for President
  • Things Get Weird
  • Raise 'em Up
  • T.G.I. Tuesday
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