Back To Nature
Season 1, Episode 27
Vital statistics
Air date September 23, 1997
Written by Claudia Silver
P. Kevin Strader and Andy Yerkes (Co-Producers)
Directed by Andrew Adamson
Vicky Vernon
Kelly Asbury
Conrad Vernon
Simon J. Smith
Gary Trousdale
Jerry Hibbert
Mitchell Kriegman
Lisa Simon and Hugh Martin
Dean Gordon (Associate Director)
Peter Hefter & Victor Smith (Technical Team / Utilities [reruns])
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Back To Nature is the 27th episode of the first season, 27th episode overall.


After Ojo runs in from the kitchen scared of a bee, Bear suggests that they watch a bee at a safe distance in order to find out what the insects do other than sting. In the course of the day, Bear, Ojo, Pip and Pop, and Tutter find that every creature has a place and a purpose. That's just one of the many great things about nature. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow's Western Song is called "Home on the Range" featuring the deer, the antelope, the yak, and a nature guy who accidentally hurt his thumb with a hammer. At the end, the yak tells them we have to play them inside instead.


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  • In this sense of smell at the beginning, he said it smells like an Orange which is Fresh and Natural.

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  • A portion of the events of this episode were adapted for the book Bugged by Bugs.

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