As Different as Day and Night
Season 2, Episode 27
Vital statistics
Air date April 8, 1998 (Premiered)
July 22, 1998 (Reruns)
Written by P. Kevin Strader (and Co-Producer)
Andy Yerkes (Producer)
Directed by Dean Gordon
Ron Halper (Associate Director)
Dan Stewart (Technical Director)
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Scientific Bear That Healing Feeling
As Different as Day and Night is the 27th episode of Season 2, 67th episode overall.


One morning, Bear is trying to decide on what type of tea to have --- cold tea or hot tea. With the viewers' help, he decides on the iced tea. He also finds Tutter trying to get some tea as well, but needing his help to get to a glass and the sugar. At first, Tutter is bothered by how his small size keeps him from doing anything. Then, he helps Bear and he finds that being the opposite of big isn't so bad after all. More opposites are explored when Bear keeps filling his lemonade glass and Pip and Pop keep emptying it. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow presents a feature called "Jack Sprat", featuring a story about Jack Sprat and his wife Pat Sprat. He also shows Ojo and Treelo how they can dance together, alternating their opposite favorite styles of music.


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Upstairs Hallway-2
Upstairs Hallway


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  • After "Good Morning" The hand bush still has 4 sides. There are more leaves right in front of Bear's secret cave.
  • Stock Footage from All Weather Bear is used.

Bear's Sense of Smell Edit

  • In the beginning, a sense of smell is that someone woke up, and nicknamed a Just Woken Up Smell.


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