A Job for Bear
Season 6, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date March 2, 2011
Written by Robert Leighton
Andy Yerkes (Co-Producer and Producer)
Directed by Dean Gordon
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Bear's Forbidden Card A Trip to the Woodland Valley Valet

A Job for Bear is the 5th episode of Season 6, 205th episode overall.

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Bear's got a new job. He told Tutter he has a new job as a young adult. Bear told him that he isn't 30 or 40 yet, which Tutter is still turning 19. Next, Bear pays a special visit for Doc Hogg is he still has his job at the doctor's office, and told Bear that he's going to the office to work hard in Woodland Valley. Bear went out to the office and does his pay checks to a fine where Tutter gets to Mouse College every day, which was told by Skippy as an office boss to work harder and goes to the cooler to get a warm refreshing drink. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells Bear a tale "Twelve Angry Men". In her twist of the story, men were angry. Doc Hogg is staying home to spend some time with Bear's friends doing an atonement when Bear is away. After Doc Hogg exits, Bear is sure glad he made a new job.

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