A Crooked Man is the 17th story read by Shadow in "Dismay to Rocko" from Season 5. In her twist of the story, a crooked man travels the wrong places.

The Whole Story[edit | edit source]

{Story begins}

Shadow-There was a crooked man

Crooked Man-I'm a crooked man.

Shadow-Who drove a crooked mile

Crooked Man-Am I there yet?

Shadow-Searching a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile

Crooked Man-Hey that trip is very easy. Just don't let my battery drain out.

*scene dissolves to the mountains with a sign of a number five on it*

Crooked Man-No. That's not it. Too height-ful.

*scene dissolves to the cold country with an igloo on it with a number two*

Crooked Man-Brr! Too cold!

*scene dissolves to a cactus with a number twelve*

Crooked Man-Ouch! Too prickly!

*scene dissolves to sixpence with a number six on the sign*

Crooked Man-Hey, I found the sixpence!

Shadow-*carries on* He found a crooked cat


Shadow-And a crooked mouse

Crooked Man-Hey fella. What's your name?


Shadow-And they all live in a crooked house

Crooked Man-Care for some crooked soup?

Mouse and Cat-Yeah!

{Story ends}

Sound Effects[edit | edit source]

  • A pitched guitar
  • Quickly xylophone bits

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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